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Milan is truly the socioeconomic, and in many ways the cultural capital of Italy, and is locked in a winning rivalry for superiority with Rome, the actual capital city. In any case, what Milan lacks in monumentality it makes up for with its robust and stable economy, thanks to extremely active cultural and manufacturing sectors, liveable spaces and an abundance of local business.

The city is currently in the midst of a construction boom, mostly in preparation for the 2015 World Expo, which it will host. Dramatic plans for a completely self-sustaining section of the city have been on the drawing boards, and are still pending, but large-scale restorations, a couple of new museums and even a number of new skyscrapers are all being readied for the occasion. The city, as a result, feels vital and contemporary in a way no other in this modern country of sixty million quite manages.

Milan is synonymous with fashion, and, standing alongside New York and Paris as one of the world’s three genuine capitals, Milan’s calendar works around the fashion seasons. The city is at its best during any of the annual fashion weeks, with smartly and ostentatiously dressed cosmopolitans roving the city in droves, while cafés, hotels, shops and galleries all work at full speed. Shopping in Milan is nothing short of world-class, with not only the world’s oldest mall, but also endless window browsing opportunities in the gleaming and inventive department stores and flagship locations of some of the world’s best fashion houses.

Its design scene is second to none, and its place as world capital of design is essentially undisputed with a wealth of design schools, numerous well-established publications, and the world’s largest design festival. This yearly event, billed Salone del Mobile (Furniture Fair), attracts well over 200,000 visitors on average and drastically transforms several districts for several weeks a year. Zona Tortona and Brera lead the way, and even during off-season, are hubs of creative enterprise and art.

Being Italian is rarely devoid of its perks. Milan’s cafe culture gets better with each passing year, and it has also become a stronghold for the world’s “Slow Food” movement. The weather is mostly temperate, and it is close to lakes, skiing in the winter and the Swiss border for a nearby international escape. People are friendly and outspoken, and the coffee is never less than stellar.

Milan is also surprisingly walkable for such a major city, and boasts a convenient and pleasantly inexpensive public transportation system comprised of a reasonably extensive metro, tramway and bus network. And with the endearingly quaint preservation and continued usage of some antiquated tram cars on some lines, a whiff of old Italy is always on hand.


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