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Find the best beaches in Milan

Along with Turin, Milan is one of the few major Italian cities to lie at a significant distance from a coastal shoreline, thus there are no Milan beaches to speak of. While this may mean that the city misses out on some of the more obvious charms of the waterfront markets of Genoa or the sinewy canals of Venice, Italian geography simply doesn’t allow for any of its cities to be at an unreasonable distance from one gorgeous waterfront or another. Lake Como is a very short car drive or train ride to the north, and if you simply must make a Milan beach sojourn, Liguria and its sparkling coastline is just a bit farther away, to the southwest.

Como & Bellagio

This incredibly picturesque high-altitude cerulean lake, one of the deepest in Europe, is flanked around nearly its entire perimeter by lavish and majestic residences, and more than one picturesque village. The town of Como is the largest and has several excellent restaurants and lodging options. Not to be missed among the smaller towns is boutique Bellagio, the namesake of the upscale Las Vegas casino, which in its original form boasts some excellent medieval architecture, mild weather year-round and excellent lodging and dining options. The charming village sits at the centre of the three extending branches of Lake Como and offers positively breathtaking views of both the lake and the Alps in the distance.

Liguria, The Italian Riviera & Cinque Terre

Liguria is renowned for its phenomenal beaches and excellent cuisine centered on its wealth of high-quality seafood. Genoa itself, the capital, can be reached in just two hours from Milan by regional train. In any direction from Genoa are numerous idyllic villages flanking the coastline to make up the Italian Riviera. Arenzano is the closest Milan beach town, and can be reached by car or train in about 90 minutes. For a slightly longer trip, just over two hours from Milan is Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its exquisite set of five villages and incredible beaches. Anywhere along the coastline of Liguria makes a worthwhile weekend sojourn from the city.

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