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Milan car hire is typical of any European city. All of the major international car rental companies are represented at Milan’s Malpensa airport, and most are present at the city’s two secondary airports, Bergamo and Linate. There are also Milan car rental agencies in other areas in the city, most easily accessed by the metro or other public transportation line, and depending on the time of year, prices generally hover around €50 a day for a compact, manual transmission car.

Driving in Milan may be civil compared to, say, Naples or Rome, but foreign drivers must drive with all senses on high alert and remain aware of the particularly fast environment of Italian roads. There is generally an attitude of “if you can, you may” when behind the wheel, and drivers do not hesitate to cut, pass, and weave when they are able. Feel confident that the Milanese are not bad or careless drivers - in fact they’re mostly adept and skillful - but they are they are very aggressive, even by overall European standards, and don’t take kindly to plodding, uncertain pilots who block a steady flow of traffic.

Parking can be a sensitive issue. Make sure you have the right to park in the area if you find a space, as residents do have priority in certain zones and parking guards can be ruthless. You may, however, parallel park your car facing the opposite direction of traffic and can sometimes even park on sidewalks as long as they are left reasonably unobstructed. The general rule for driving your Milan rental car is that, if you see others doing it, odds are that you’re safe. Never park in front of doors or gates marked “Passo Carabile.”

Because of the confusing nature of Italian roads in general, the difficult circular layout of Milan and the strong presence of construction work in the city, a navigation system (or a passenger adept at co-piloting) is a highly recommended upgrade to your Milan car hire.


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